The many rants of me

I'm Amy. 18 from Scotland. Studying in Aberdeen. This is more like an online diary so expect long rants and not a lot of reblogging.

Mind that time I stole a melon?

Hahahah love how pissed off people are getting about me taking a melon from a party.
Fair enough they think I put washing stuff in the tumble dryer and a chair on the trampoline.
That wasn’t me, I moved a few things and peed myself when I saw Rory running about the estate throwing washing powder everywhere.
Was a funny night.
These people need to play catch up on the goings on at house parties. Thinking they’re mental doing shots of bicardi breezer at the age of 18.
I wasted half a bottle of honey rum drinking at that party. Was funny after a while though. Knowing you and your friends are completely unwanted cause we came home from Lanzarote that day, danced like fannies, stole pointless objects and rearranged the house/garden.
I love my friends.
I may appologise about the melon if I bump into her again. It tasted well good though.

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